Photography Policy

Individuals are welcomed to photograph at Brittingham Farms with their personal amateur cameras during regular operating hours. Personal photography sessions outside of regular operating hours are subject to professional photography fees. Commercial/professional photography/filming/videotaping is also encouraged, and is subject to the following policies and fee schedule.

Any professional photographer or any other professional visual artist intending to use his/her representation of Brittingham Farms for commercial purposes (ie; postcards, advertisements, stock photos, magazines, websites) must submit a request to the farm and book at least two weeks prior to the intended use of the farm. This policy is enforced for the preservation of the Farm and the safety of the visitor. Photo credit identifying Brittingham Farms will be required. All members of the party, including the photographer and up to one assistant, must pay photography fees. Additional assistants and photographers will be subject to additional fees.

Commercial Photography: Commercial use includes, but is not limited to: Advertising Agencies, Public Relations Firms, Marketing Groups, Corporate Communications Offices, Commercial Photographers and other professional groups shooting photography for use in display advertising, television and electronic commercials, feature films, brochures, product literature, annual reports, collateral publications, training videos, other industrial/promotions/advertising projects.

The Photography Policies outlined here are intended for all our guests, but a permit is necessary for those who wish to use Brittingham Farms as the backdrop for posed photography. This would include family, engagement, graduation, prom, senior photos or the like. It is not relevant if the photographer is a professional or not.

Commercial Photography/Filming
Catalog shoots, shoots requiring props, additional lighting or multiple costumes, commercials, professional videos and the like are subject to certain terms, restrictions and fees based upon the nature of the production request. Please Contact Us for more information.

Aerial Photography
Drone use is strictly prohibited.

Stock Photography
Photos taken as stock photography for websites, publications, greeting cards, calendars, etc. Photographers are asked to pay a one-time, lifetime fee of $100. Arrangements must be made in advance. Please Contact Us for more information.

Promotional Photography
Photos used to promote Brittingham Farms, such as travel and lifestyle websites, blogs and publications will not be subject to a fee. Arrangements must be made in advance. Please Contact Us for more information.

Formal, Posed Photography

Posed photography includes family, engagement, prom, graduation, senior photos or the like. The photographer doesn’t need to be a professional. Posed photos may be taken outdoors only and we ask that you do not photograph our private residence.

Advance, paid reservations are required and can be booked at Brittingham Farms. In all cases, the photography session must be scheduled two weeks in advance minimum and begin and end within the allotted time. There are no refunds for "no-shows" of a photography session at Brittingham Farms. However, sessions may be rescheduled by contacting us in advance or in the event of inclement weather.

Payment is due at time of booking. ​

Right of refusal:
Brittingham Farms reserves the right to refuse admittance for photography and/or change its photo policy and fees without advanced notice. Some areas of the farm may not be available the day of your reservation due to unforeseen circumstances. Please note that any party that has booked private events in a particular location has an exclusive right to that reserved area. Photo credit identifying Brittingham Farms will be required. All members of the party, including the photographer and any assistants, must pay photography fees and must pay admission to the Farm.

Brittingham Farms reserves the right to allow filming/videotaping on a case-by-case basis and under such terms and conditions as determined at the sole discretion of the Farm Director or designee.

Non-Commercial Photography: Portrait shoots, such as engagement and family photography are permitted during the Farm’s general operating hours. Arrangements must be made at least two weeks in advance by either emailing us at Brittingham Farms or messaging us on Facebook at . All members of the party, including the photographer and any assistants, must pay photography fees and must pay admission to the Farm. Photography fees must be paid despite the amount of time spent in the fields. Amateur photographers and visual artists may not use their representations of the Farm for any public purpose unless the Farm is credited as the location of the representation. Any questions about the definition of “public purpose” should be directed to the Farm. Photo credit identifying Brittingham Farms will be required.

The Photographer shall provide a Certificate of Insurance at least five working days before the scheduled photo shoot. The Certificate shall name Brittingham Farms as an “Additional Insured” for the duration of use of the farms facilities, and shall include broad form property damage and personal injury coverage with a combined single limit of not less than $500,000 per occurrence. Such insurance shall be primary to and not contributing with, any other insurance maintained by Brittingham Farms.

Students photographing the Farm for school projects must provide current proof of enrollment. Photographer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Brittingham Farms, its agents, officers and employees from and against any and all liability, expense, including defense costs and legal fees, and claims for Client damages of any nature whatsoever including, but not limited to, bodily injury, death, personal injury or property damage arising from, or in connection with, the photo shoot or services performed on behalf of Photographer or any person pursuant to this Agreement. Photographer further agrees to hold Brittingham Farms harmless from any workers’ compensation suits, liability, or expense arising from or in connection with the photo shoot or services performed on behalf of Photographer or any person pursuant to this Agreement. Brittingham Farms is not responsible for lost, mislaid or stolen property.

The Photographer must agree in writing to these Policies at least five working days prior to the date of the intended photo shoot. Professional/hired Photography: Sessions for fashion, commercials, or engagement/wedding photos, etc. utilizing professional camera equipment (multiple lenses, sun reflectors, tripod, drones, etc.) requires a site fee.

High use areas as determined by the Farm will be available for photo sessions only if such use does not interfere with normal public access and Farm safety rules. Upon receipt of a signed Agreement, together with proof of insurance and student status if applicable as required herein, photo access will be granted. Upon arrival at the Farm, the Photographer must check in. Violation of the terms of this Agreement may result in cancellation of the Photo access, in which case fees will not be refunded. Particularly egregious violations may result in the denial of future photography privileges.

In the event of rain, the Photographer or Brittingham Farms may choose to reschedule or cancel the shoot. In the event of cancellation due to weather, all fees will be refunded. In its sole discretion, Brittingham Farms reserves the right to cancel any photo-shoot reservation in case of emergency or farm operational situation, as determined by the farm. In such case, all fees will be refunded.

The Farm is available for photos daily from 5pm-8pm. Appointments may be limited on holidays and holiday weekends. The Farm closes promptly at 4:00 p.m. on weekdays, 9:00 p.m. on Fridays, and 6:00 p.m. on Saturdays. All participants must exit the Farm by closing time. Arrangements can be made for a session to begin before opening hours or take place after the Farm closes.

Any special arrangements must be made and approved two weeks in advance with the Farm. Any requests outside our regular business hours will be subjected to additional staffing fees if approved. Brittingham Farms reserves the right to refuse permission to any photographer or visual artist. Professional photographers must seek pre-approval of their project. Brittingham Farms reserves the right to determine acceptance on a case-by-case basis.

We ask that you honor these policies when using Brittingham Farms as the backdrop for any photography, artwork or filming.
• Courtesy to Farm visitors must be observed by all photographers and other artists at all times.

Guests should come dressed and prepared for their photo session. There are no changing areas available and the public restroom is not to be used to change clothes. Please be considerate of public use of restrooms and keep them available for other Farm visitors.
Electrical power is not available unless arranged in advance for an additional fee.
Keep pathways free. When shooting during our open hours please allow safe and easy passage for our visitors.
Sessions MUST be booked in advance. If you show up without a reservation you will regretfully be turned away.
No photographing any private residences.
• Obstruction of Farm (limiting other guests access to areas) is strictly prohibited. No photographer, artist, or client of the photographer/artist, or photographer/artist equipment will be allowed in plant beds, or on the plants, at any time.
• Requests for still photography, film or videotaping must state the location within the Farm for the proposed session, the number of people expected, and the anticipated time of the session. Vehicles are not allowed beyond the Farm's parking lot.
• The Farm must approve any props intended for use in the photo shoot.
• The Farm will not accept deliveries or be responsible for any personal property belonging to Photographer or
Photographer’s client(s). If equipment delivery, set-up, tear-down, or pickup is/are necessary for the photo shoot, the desired area must be rented under provisions of the Farm’s private event policies, and the Photographer or his/her agent must be present to supervise delivery, set-up, tear-down, or pickup of equipment.
• The Farm reserves the right to monitor part or all of a photo shoot to ensure compliance with these policies.
• Dressing rooms are not available at the Farm. Photography client(s) must make other arrangements prior to the photo shoot.
• All aspects of a photo shoot must occur on areas intended for foot traffic. No person may walk, pose, or set up
photography equipment except on such areas unless pre-approved by the Farm and accompanied by Farm staff. Unsupervised climbing of trees and walking into shrubbery or plant communities is forbidden. It is the sole discretion of the Farm to approve or deny special access to Farm areas other than designated pathways. No plant may be removed or permanently modified in any manner under any circumstances.
• No decorations, temporary fixtures or other objects may be affixed to plants, trees, woodwork, buildings or any architectural feature unless submitted for pre-approval to the Farm two weeks before the photo shoot. Brittingham Farms reserves the right to refuse any such requests.
• Balloons/paper lanterns may not be released in the Farm.
• Smoking is not allowed in the Farm under any circumstances.
• Recreational consumption of alcohol associated with the photo-shoot is prohibited.
• Fireworks of any kind or any open flame devices are prohibited. Candles must be in non-flammable, semi-closed
containers, and be hand-held or placed upon a nonflammable surface.
• Nude photography or its near equivalent is prohibited (for example, "boudoir" photography).
• Excessive noise or other objectionable behavior that hinders other visitors’ enjoyment of the Farm is prohibited.

Brittingham Farms reserves the right to use these photos for promotional purposes. It is understood by the Photographer, their clients and vendors that attendance at a photography shoot at Brittingham Farms includes permission to use their images in such materials.​

The Brittingham Farms site fee is $25 per family per evening.  Multiple photographers may be booked during peak lavender bloom.   Mini Sessions must be booked directly through the owner, and will be subject to a $25 per family fee depending on what the needs, location, season and whether animals or heavy equipment is involved.  

With credit and prior permission, photographers may use pictures from our Instagram or Facebook accounts if they need a stock photo to promote their slot. A scheduled farm visit prior to the scheduled shoot will incur an additional $25 fee.
Brittingham Farms reserves the right to utilize any photography taken on the grounds of Brittingham Farms for advertising/marketing purposes or any other reason Brittingham Farms sees fit. By signing this contract, you agree to allow Brittingham Farms to use any photography that is taken on Brittingham Farms property. Brittingham Farms staff will take care to assign credit to the photographer upon sharing photography.
Contract, Certificate of Insurance and Payment are due at the same time. Bookings will not be reserved until Brittingham Farms has received both contract, certificate of insurance and payment at least two weeks prior to the desired shoot date.
• A photo shoot may be scheduled to occur on multiple days, successive or otherwise. In this case, Photographer need not complete a separate Agreement for each day. ‘Location Fees’ applicable to professional filming/videotaping for commercial use is subject to negotiation and approval by the Farm.