Leicester Longwool Dryer Balls, 4 oz.


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Using your dryer can be one of the biggest expenses in your home. So, to help decrease your energy expenditure, just toss a couple Leicester Longwool Dryer Balls into the dryer with your next laundry load. Our handmade dryer balls are made from 100% wool from our registered Leicester Longwool Sheep; and they are great for wicking the moisture out of your heavier garments, plumping up your clothing, withdrawing pet hair and lint, and getting rid of static. 

Our sheep are raised and shorn on our farm in Delaware, and our purpose is to preserve and protect this Heritage & Rare breed of sheep for generations to enjoy beyond our own. Proud member of the Livestock Conservancy. Thank ewe for supporting our farm and the Leicester Longwool breed. All proceeds go directly back to animal care and preserving this Heritage & Rare breed of sheep. 

Coming in July 2023, we will be carrying our own farm-distilled lavender essential oil, and it will pair nicely with your Heritage breed dryer balls!

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